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To order resources, download the PDF order form here. Please fill out and email back to the Macaulay Child Development Centre or fax to (416) 789-4710. You can also contact the head office directly to make alternate purchase arrangements.

From Lullabies to Literacy: Building Foundations for Learning

This Macaulay curriculum was developed with support from the Atkinson Charitable Foundation. It promotes the development of literacy readiness skills in children 0-5 years and can be used as a resource for parents, caregivers and community agencies.
Cost: $50.00 (plus shipping and handling)

Building Connections, a Caregiver Training Model

A new approach to the training and support of home child care providers. By Jeanette Brown and Susan Gowans.
Cost: $47.50 (plus shipping and handling)

Including Children with Special Needs: A Guide for Child and Family Programs

This manual is designed to be practical, user-friendly, and has many useful suggestions on how to include children with special needs in programs.

Cost: $60.00 (plus shipping and handling)

More Than a Haircut DVD

A 30 minute documentary featuring voices from the participants in More than a Haircut, a series of conversations about fathering in the African-Canadian community.

Cost: $20.00 (plus shipping and handling)

Black Fathers and Positive Parenting Posters

Set of 5 Posters (size 18” x 24”)
Cost: $25.00 (plus shipping and handling)

Set of 5 Posters (size 12” x 16”)
Cost: $20.00 (plus shipping and handling)

Set of 5 Postcards (size 4” x 6”)
Cost: $5.00 (plus shipping and handling)

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