Every number tells a story. For all of us at Macaulay, every single one of these numbers represents a person, a child, a parent, a caregiver and community partners. It is these people who inspire us in our efforts every day, every week, every year.

Our Impact:

  • Over 6,000 adults served
  • Over 5,500 children served
  • Over 1,500 children with extra support needs

Who are the children and families we serve:

  • 69% adults born outside of Canada, from 92 countries
  • 61% of Macaulay families completed college or university
  • 42% of families live in neighborhoods identified by the City of Toronto as high need.
  • 39% family income of less than $30,000/year
  • 26% of children have extra support needs
  • 30% of families do not speak English at home
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