More Than a Haircut

More Than a Haircut program is a series of regularly facilitated conversations with African-Caribbean fathers, held in neighbourhood barbershops. This unique outreach and educational program is a partnership between the Macaulay Child Development Centre and leaders in the African-Canadian community. It was established in 2006 in response to escalating violence in the Black community. Many community leaders commented on the need for stronger father involvement in the lives of children to foster better outcomes for children and protect youth from negative influences.

Why the barbershop?

The barbershop is an established meeting place for Black fathers to socialize and bond. The shop presents an ideal venue for lively conversations about universal parenting issues that have a particular resonance within the Black community.

What are the benefits of More than a Haircut?

The program’s objective is to enhance the involvement of African-Caribbean fathers and father figures in their children’s lives to create a positive influence. The program has proven successful not only in strengthening the bond between children and fathers in the Black community but also in fostering a positive sense of community. Benefits include:

Practical fathering strategies:Through discussions ranging from parenting strategies to education to cultural identity, fathers explore culturally appropriate fathering resources and information that leads to increased involvement.

Strong community leaders: Local barbers act as leaders and resources for African- Canadian fathers.

Vibrant community centres: Local barbershops act as sites for mutual support and community building.


Sessions generally take place the first Friday of every month at the following locations:

1543 Eglinton Avenue West

The Barbers of Eglinton
1565A Eglinton Avenue West

HommeSpa Femme
3472 Keele Street

Pure Vibes
1491 Eglinton Avenue West

Elegance Barber and Salon
1850 Eglinton Avenue West

B & M Hair Studio
1567 Eglinton Avenue West

Onyx Barbers
219A Yonge Street

For schedules and more information please visit our facebook page, contact or call (416) 789-7441.


Fathering tips
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The Program Model: What Makes it Work?

For schedule and information, please visit More Than a Haircut on Facebook
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