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Did You Know?

Macaulay serves over 200 children annually through specialized consultation.

Consultation Services

Macaulay Special Needs Resource Consultants assist childcare programs and individual caregivers to effectively meet the needs of children 0-12 years old with special needs. Consultants are experienced professionals with skills in early identification, programming for children with special needs, adult education and problem solving. Consultants use a variety of strategies including observation, role modeling, and hands on training. Screening tools are used to identify specific developmental needs and guide recommendations to promote inclusion.

Services available:

  • Workshops and training
  • Observations and screening
  • Referral and case coordination to access community services
  • Individual program planning
  • Assistance to families who require support to find an appropriate pre-school program or other services

Consultants visit child care centres and home based caregivers on a regular basis to monitor progress, and may also assist child care staff and parents in coordinating or accessing additional services. They work within the CITYKIDS network to provide screening and referrals for families seeking child care and who may require other services.

For more information about our consultation services, contact or call (416) 789-7441.

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