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For Professionals

Ready to Learn: Love, Language and Literacy

This interactive workshop series demonstrates for parents the vital links between emotional well-being, learning and literacy in the first three years. The resource also contains strategies for working with families to promote learning within everyday program interactions and activities.
Ready to Learn: Love, Language and Literacy Manual

From Lullabies to Literacy: Building Foundations for Learning

This Macaulay curriculum provides a step by step outline of workshops for parents and caregivers of children birth to age 5.
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Children’s Book Lists

ELS regularly update children’s book lists to help ensure that Toronto’s diversity of children and families is visible in books used in community programs. Explore these lists to find out more:

• Great Books for children
• LGBTQ parent book list
• Black Heritage book list
• Asian Heritage books for children

Professional Development

ELS offer workshops for early learning professionals on a variety of topics. Examples include:

  • brain development
  • promoting home language
  • choosing and using age-appropriate books
  • language development and early literacy
  • school readiness

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