Helping Children Succeed

Today and for the future

For Parents

Tip Sheets

Here are a few Tip Sheets for supporting your child’s language and literacy development.

• Screen media use and children
• A Family Literacy checklist
• Promoting First Language

Children’s Book Lists

Explore these lists to find great reads for your young children:

• Great Books for children
• LGBTQ parent book list
• Black Heritage book list
• Asian Heritage books for children


Parenting Information

To find out more about how you can help build your child’s literacy and language skills and lay the groundwork for lifelong learning, we suggest the following on-line sites:

Healthy Baby Healthy Brain – this Canadian site has short videos about talking with your baby or child – the importance of using your home language

National Literacy Trust – a British web site with a full section for families.

Center on the Developing Child (Harvard University) – a wealth of information about brain development and more.

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