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Did You Know?

99% of Macaulay families agree that “Macaulay is helping my child succeed.”


Macaulay delivers a variety of innovative and evidence-based programs and services that enable children to reach their full potential. We take a holistic approach. Parents, caregivers and community all play a vital role in enabling children to succeed. For this reason, Macaulay:

  • Offers many different programs and services to enhance parenting skills and enrich the parent-child relationship
  • Provides supports to address the various stressors that families may experience
  • Works together with community partners to ensure children and their families have access to the help they need

We address the changing needs of our local communities Macaulay regularly evaluates our programs to ensure they are effective, meet our communities’ needs and incorporate proven practices. Our programs are available in various languages and are adapted to reflect the diverse cultural backgrounds of our communities. Please visit one of our key program areas for additional information:


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