Program without Walls (PWW) is a coalition of six agencies working together to improve the health and development of children aged birth to six years in the former City of York. Macaulay Child Development Centre is the lead agency, responsible for coordinating and administering the programs, overseeing quality and facilitating collaborative governance. The Public Health Agency of Canada under the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) provides funding. This program recently went through a rigorous evaluation. You can read the whole evaluation report here.

Taken together, the individual stories demonstrate that Program Without Walls opens many doors for families. Parents who take part in one PWW program have easy access to the supports offered in other PWW programs and to additional services offered by the partner agencies and other community programs. These services strengthen the parenting skills and social and community supports of parents and families and improve the healthy development of their young children. Equipped with new skills, some parents have access to new and often better employment opportunities. When they use these skills to assume leadership roles, their communities are also strengthened.


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