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Corporate Parenting Workshops

Raising kids today is hard – we’re here to help.

Macaulay offers parenting workshops for corporate and school-based parent groups.

Whether you’re navigating ways to raise children in the digital age or looking for tips to encourage listening and cooperation skills, our sessions are tailored to address real issues facing today’s parents, and are based on the best evidence and research available in the field of healthy child development.

All of our sessions are interactive and informative, developed from hands-on engagement with children and families in our community, and rooted in communication and respect. Parents will be given practical tools to help reduce stress on the whole family – for a happier home life and a more engaged and responsive community.

Here are comments from our participants:

Well done – I’m so pleased that there are organizations like this that are aiming to help kids be stronger

Excellent tips with an entertaining presenter. Well done!

This was a fantastic learning opportunity and I hope to see more workshops like this offered for employees!

Presenter was very engaging and entertaining. I would like to see more workshops like this in the future.”

The parents really found it useful and left with some great tips. I know I did!

Workshops start at $1,000 for school-based groups.

To view our brochure click here.

For more information, please contact Shana Gelbart at or 416-780-2731.

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