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Did You Know?

The Ontario Early Years Centres served over 2,500 adults and over 3000 children in 2016.

Early Years Centres (OEYC and Family Resource Centres)

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Macaulay’s OEYCs and FRPs promote healthy child development while strengthening the parent-child relationship and enhancing parent confidence in their role. Here are a few important things to know about these centres:

  • Children 0-6 with parents/caregiver
  • Macaulay’s Early Years Centres are located in various neighbourhoods in West Toronto and offer drop-in programs, parenting workshops, and special programming
  • Activities are age, developmentally and culturally appropriate
  • Macaulay has experienced staff and professionals who ensure that all children can participate in programs
  • Early learning includes “learn through play” environments
  • All Programs are FREE

Children from infancy to 6 years develop social, communication and early literacy skills that are associated with success in school and in life. Children with special challenges can be identified and supported to participate fully in the program and helped to access specialized services in the community, if needed.

Parents and caregivers learn about their child’s growth and development, meet other parents/caregivers, share parenting experiences with professional staff and find out about other community services. Parent education workshops, guest speakers and individual consultations provide information about child development to parents and caregivers on a regular basis.

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